Your appearance is important role in your emotional and mental well-being. If you are experiencing premature aging, birth disfigurements, or trauma due to burns and accidents, you could benefit from a facial plastic surgeon. This type of doctor can also help with features you simply wish you could change.

In general, patients who undergo surgery need to be in good health. After a consultation, our team will be able to help you discover what you would be a good candidate for, and provide you with realistic expectations.

While some patients notice a slight change in their voice after rhinoplasty, this is not common. However, since your nose does contribute to how you sound, you should share any concerns you have with the doctor ahead of time.

It depends on the procedure that you are undergoing. Dr. Wong uses minimally invasive techniques to reduce the amount of recovery time that is needed, and will give you specific instructions tailored to your surgery.

There are risks with any surgery. But, Dr. Wong reviews each patient’s needs and medical history. He also makes sure that the benefits of any procedure outweigh any possible risks.